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This is a forum for those of you who just like to hear yourselves talk, lol.
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Western Vernos
The Western Hemisphere of Nosgard is divided between vampires and Humans, countries dominated either by the Vampiric Empire, or the Central Alliance of Nations. Few are bipartisan.
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The Metropolis, Andar - The Metropolis is one of the largest cities in the Western world, it is a city-state, operating as a republic in itself. It is also the capitol of crime and poverty of the world, due in part to the uneasy integration of humans and vampires, and the anarchy that unfortunately resulted. All levels of government are corrupted and influenced by mob bosses and crime lords, the few straight officers of the law are in constant danger of assassination.

The city has six main districts, despite its enormous size:
The Court District: The Court District is where official buildings such as courts, jailhouses, and the capitol buildings are found. Though this place should be the center of order, crime is abundant even here, the Mayor, Police Chief, and a great many lawyers and judges have criminal ties themselves. Only petty crime and the most blatent murder seems to be prosecuted here. The city is run by its crime lords.
The Upper City: The smallest portion of the city. This is where the wealthiest, and most corrupt citizens of the Metropolis live.
The Lower City: This is where most of the (middle class) residents of the Metropolis live and run businesses.
The Ghetto: The ghetto is largely where the poor live. Life is hard here, where much of the crime of the Metropolis is concentrated.
The Industrial Quarter: The Industrial Quarter is mostly made up of warehouses, factories, and plants. Few people live here.
The Wharves: Simply, a shipping port which feeds into the Industrial quarter of the city. There are also docks for private boats and small fishing boats. Fish mongers sell fish at the Wharves as well.
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A fairly large island Continent, Juvare is tropical and has jungle, desert, and grass-land environments.

Major Cities:
Treverim - This mountain city is built on terraces on the mountain.
Vargashe - A city mostly of ghettos surrounded by dirt farms.
Kerabi - Its name means Crossroads City and it is located in central Juvare. Blockades are set up at the crossroads in an attempt to curtail drug and arms traffickers. The police here are tough and very hard on criminal elements.
Agimor - Many criminals who flee from other countries come to this south-coastal city to seek asylum, where the laws from other countries do not apply to this district of Juvare, making it a haven for crime. It is located in the Sorreva district of Juvare. The military, police, and drug and arms traffickers in this district are very closely linked.
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A southern, subtropic continent on Tirgasi's southern border.

Major Cities:
Zion - Capital City. This is an old sprawling city with many buildings made of stone.
Baredhe - The white city is so named because of the marble most of the buildings are constructed of, the marble from a local quarry.
Mendes - The city of banquets is located in the county of Calvella, which means the united territory. Vampires and humans live together in relative peace here, despite the fact that it is the only city in Kemboria where vampires are openly welcomed. This is owed to the City's Minister of Justice, Rufio Capri.
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The Vampiric Empire
The greatest territory of the Vampiric Empire.

Major Cities:
Avernus - Capital City of Noseru and the Vampiric Empire. Avernus is a large city, filled with tall buildings and what seems like innumerable citizens. At its heart is the palace of the Emperor, where Emperor Sephoron resides, which is a huge, and very ancient structure. It is approximately 1,123 miles from Avernus to Meridian by the International Highway.
Saada - Saada is popular with the nobility who prefer a quieter life than the bustling city of Avernus. Many Manor-houses are located on the outskirts of this large, sprawling city.
Kalibar - Kalibar is a rather large, beautiful, medieval style village that is connected to Kaan's estate. Kalibar means city of white horses.
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Literally, the "rightfully restored" land. So renamed by Emperor Kaan Sephoron when he took the country.

Major Cities: Acheron - Capital City. Acheron is a city frought with discontent and crime, though the police and court officials of the city keep those who engage in unlawful conduct suppressed and fearful, unlike the Metropolis which is largely recognized as having surrendered to its crime. Rahad Sephoron, son of the Emperor, resides here when he is not on his own Manor, South of this great city. Rahad rules Tirgasi in his own right, under his father, and participates in many of the State's executive and legislative decisions.
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The Central Alliance of Nations
The most influential of the world powers governed by humans.
Major Cities:
Meridian - Capital City
Nemhein - A city that is controlled by the Cabal.
Moray - Argoth's primary shipping port.
Enderria - Also called the City of Dreams, this large, very modern city is the Western Hemisphere's equivalant of LA and Hollywood. Most of the world's major motion picture studios, and many impressive mansions and movie stars are located here. There is also a large ghetto district called Poverty Hills.
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A country of extremes and extremists. The lower regions of this country are temperate, and the northern regions very cold in winter. While the northern, colder regions are not uninhabited, most of the population of the country is concentrated on their southern border. The people that live here are largely antagonists of the vampiric accord that was forged between the Central Alliance of Nations and the Vampiric Empire.

Major Cities:
Midis - This city is built among and even within mountains, the oldest structures are dark age fortresses that were carved out of the mountain's grey-green marble.
Gallia - This city in south-central Andor is still comprised mostly of medieval architecture.
Menjera - A center for Andor's underground factions, also refered to as 'The City of Unrest.'
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A country that was once part of Andor, but was separated by civil war.

Major Cities:
Elysium - This small city is Andoran's Capital. It is surrounded by wilderness and the city itself circumscribes a lake. There is an island at the center of the lake where the ruins of an old vampiric fortress remain, some of the towers still intact.
Sejtar - This beautiful city is in a valley surrounded by orchards, vinyards, mountains and pristine rivers. Sejtar's setting draws many artists.
Vendosia - This city is on the south-central border Gilesi - A small but important coastal city and military base.
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The largest Country of the Central Alliance, and yet not the most highly populated. Tribal people still live and maintain traditional lifestyles in Sudaria's deserts.

Major Cities:
Argilae Capital City. This city has many beautiful temples and palaces, and draws many tourists.
Perendim - Oasis city in the middle of the great Azjaree desert, and home of the ancient Perendim Shrine.
Hesperus - City by the Kenje River in eastern Sudaria, where the Hesperus Shrine is located. Many of the people here are religious fanatics and semi-tribal.
Peshkatar - Large, very ancient and underdeveloped coastal city.
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